Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For lack of anything better to update with, mainly because I don't take the time to write anything down lately, here are a few things I've been puzzling over lately. The only very serious ones are the last two, and the least serious is the first.

1. Why do all the tribes visited through the stargate speak English, or else have the powers to learn it almost instantaneously? The obvious answer is that it would be dreadfully tedious to spend an entire episode establishing communications, but then it follows: Why bother having a linguist who speaks 26 languages around when even the Mongolians and the Norsemen speak English fluently?
(I told you it wasn't very serious)

2. Why do pregnant women fuss about not being able to see their feet? All one has to do is lean over a little bit, or else prop them up, and I'm sure one's feet really aren't all that attractive at this point, anyway.

3. Why do fanatical madmen insist on quoting Scripture and believe they're chosen of God to complete some completely anti-Biblical mission? Thinking here particularly of John Brown, although there are others, including the less fanatical, who seem to believe that they alone are the righteous of the earth, and the rules can bend for them.

4. And the one that isn't a question, but I've still been thinking about- what a blessing it is to grow up in a large family, around large families. For multiple practical reasons that keep bombarding me ever since I got married. Mostly related to being able to watch children grow up, knowing, more or less, how to take care of them, and being able to have an idea of how to train them. Having little brothers who like to help in the garden is nice, too, as well as being a reminder of how much patience little people sometimes take.

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