Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This is what the swords were really for.

Although, I think this works, too.

What is Jared doing...? Hm. Brotherly affection, it appears
More brotherly affection- be sure your sins will find you out.
Yes, the boy is as mischievous as the smile.
So is this one...
And then our loyal crew changed the entire gym around again, while people were going through the receiving line, into the reception set up- They were good- we'd barely finished sending everyone through, and they were calling people back in to eat- after all, what's a celebration without food?

And even though we had all those nice chairs, there are always those who think outside the box.

I'm a sucker when it comes to cute, smiling little boys...which is a good thing, considering how many little brothers I grew up with.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I have a darling little brother...
After much diligent volunteer labor by friends, family, and gracious church members, we were able to transform the gym from a gym to a rather nice looking room.
Friends are a great invention- my sister and one of her best. The things those two come up with...
The techno wizards...all those brains are a little scary.
The diligent laborers at work- we had to put chair covers on approximately four hundred chairs. In my practicality I didn't really think it was worth it at first, but it was one of the major things that made the place actually look nice.
Naturally, when one is possessed of a sword, one finds someone else thus possessed, and battles it out with them. And so the brother of the bride is fencing with the brother of the groom.
The other thing one does when possessesing a sword is to yell "Freedom!" constantly at the top of one's lungs throughout rehearsal and the like, and then one gathers others with swords, and proceeds to jump, yelling, off the stage. Such exuberance is rarely found in weddings.
The bride, however, just poses- it would be a little difficult to knock anyone around while wearing a dress like that.
The artsy shot- the arm in white belongs to the groom, who has a sword as well.
The wedding party- the boys look bored and the girls look lovely. What's new? (Sorry, guys).
My good friend Tierney (the only non-sibling in the wedding party) got a hold of some of these; all things edited are her doing.
Me and my handsome father, walking down the aisle. That bouquet was the only near disaster of the day, but thanks to my aunt, who used to work in a florist shop, it turned out quite nicely.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

For those who seem to think my blogs end in extinction, you may be right. But at least I have the capacity to start new ones, which will probably die in their turn as well. So here we go AGAIN. I don't have anything important to say (I sometimes wonder if most of the people on these things do), but I do have pictures of our wedding, which I hereby present to the view of all those brave enough to wander here.