Friday, March 6, 2009


I must admit, I was pretty sure this blog was going to be shorter lived than most. It was my own fault of course, but still...

After much trial and error I finally figured out how to sign in to my account again. This would have been easier if I didn't hate giving out information, even to blog sites, and insist on using out-dated email addresses. One might then be able to get confirmation emails and prompts...miss-remembering one's user name doesn't help either.

Other than that, I only had a random thought or two.

1). I wanted to post to shock people. It's a rare occurrence and a statement someone will surely be more than willing to concur with.

2). I was thinking that the only reason some songs can make it anywhere, in spite of utterly predictable and sappy lyrics, is a catchy tune. How else can you get by with 'Love, love changes you live, how you die...etc. etc.'?

3). It's awfully nice to be able to have the windows open in March.

4). It's a lot easier to eat chocolate chip cookies than it is to eat broccoli. Why can't cookies be good for you?

5). And since I need to stop killing time before attacking the rest of my to-do list, Good-Bye.


Jessica said...

P.S. Love songs that use imagery such as 'deep as the wine-dark sea' are far better.

Hannah Jane said... did manage suprise me! ;)

Rebecca said...

1. I was shocked!
2. I dont' believe I've heard that song before...
3. It is!
4. Did you get "put off" sugar again? ;-)
5. Bye!

Flying Frog said...

No, I didn't get put off of sugar...I just don't want to be. :)